Australian Open 2015

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Source: From left to right the pictures are taken by - Richard Fisher, Scorpions and CentaursValmont1702Richard Fisher


In January of 2014, F&G had the great honour and privilege of being selected to design all the supporter gear for Australian Open 2015.

A grand project with grand expectations, it was time to put in our best efforts and meet the standards demanded by a project of this caliber. Tennis Australia wanted the range to be fresh, fun and all about sport and summer.

The project started with studying a 250 page style guide, colours, limitations, ideas, history, heritage and much more. F&G also needed to study sales figures to know what was produced the last 2 years, the bestsellers, the failures and what should be our approach to design. How do we make this range different, without moving away from the core concepts we had been briefed on.

A project of this magnitude can never be implemented without extensive research. So after careful study and research, what followed was 3 months of dedicated hard work and many hours of designing and re designing to ensure that the client was satisfied with the product.

After going through many levels of approvals, meetings and amendments, a final range of over a hundred and fifty designs was presented. This included towels, t-shirts, jackets, caps, bag, cape and pyjama sets for kids among others. We also had to do range books with a realistic representation of the product (a 3D effect) which we believed would be more appealing to a prospective buyer. We received feedback from Sportswear retail giants like Rebel Sports and ensured that our merchandise meets the standards they expect.

There were 20 hour days, cups and cups of coffee and fatty chips, loud music that would defeat the possibility of any micro sleep and a non existent social life! We loved the excitement of it all but wondered if it would ever end.

But it did end…and our range was all approved! The hard work and sacrifices had paid off! We were proud of ourselves for what we had achieved and satisfied that although the journey wasn’t easy, it was so fulfilling. Designing for a prestigious world event for your own country is one of the most honourable jobs anyone can do. And the feeling is priceless.

Now we eagerly await to see the merchandise in stores, on fans coming in from across the globe, on children who would proudly wear the gear and cheer for their country.

A big thank you to all those who made this possible and believed in F&G. And thanks to the designers whose unflinching determination and hard work made this project meet all its deadlines and expected standards.

Those reading this, please support us by buying your supporter gear for Australian Open 2015 which will be in stores 2nd half of this year!