Making of Rococo

The Making of Rococo


The fashion catalogue ‘Rococo’ featured on this website is concept work done by F&G to showcase skills including logo design, photography, photo retouching, idea generation and layout.

The concept started with picking a theme, which was high fashion clothing for women. The word ‘Rococo’ has been inspired from the 18th century art movement, a late baroque style. The logo design represents this.

The most challenging part of the project was the photo shoot and retouching. We took models to different parks of Sydney and also did indoor shoots with limited photography equipment.

The photo retouching was most time consuming. It included removing and changing many backgrounds, fixing the model’s hair and make up, any spots or blemishes and transforming her to look like a model fit for a fashion catalogue.

What was also challenging was managing the lighting since pictures were taken at different times of the day and night. To make them look like they belonged to the same catalogue, a lot of photoshop work was needed, as some images were blue, some red and some too yellow.

A very exciting journey that taught us a lot, here are a few before and after pictures of the work that went into the making of ‘Rococo’.